Charlie Pace played by Dominic Monaghan on ABC's Television show LOST

Before the plane crash of Flight 815:
Charlie Pace was a bass guitarist of the British band Driveshaft, featuring his big brother Liam as the frontman. Together, he and Liam started Driveshaft and succeeded to break into the mainstream industry with their hit single "You All Everybody". Due to the popularity of the band, Liam fell into the temptations of the drugs that run rampant in the music industry. As a result, Charlie followed suit and they were both heavy users of heroin.

The day of the crash: Charlie visits his brother Liam in Australia. Liam is now clean and has a family. Liam gets angry with Charlie when he learns that Charlie has not cleaned up his act yet and is still a heavy user of heroin. Charlie books his flight to L.A. - Flight 815. While on board, Charlie is shaking with the need for a fix, the stewardess notices his strange behavior, and chases him to the bathroom. Charlie is in the middle of using heroin when the plane starts to shake. He drops his stash into the toilet seat and goes into the hall. He barely makes it to a seat in time before the plane splits in two.

Immediately after the crash: Charlie is desparate for a fix. He treks along with characters Dr. Jack Shepard and Kate Austen to find the front end of the plane. The purpose of the trip is to find if any of the contact equiptment still works, but Charlie wants to get to the front bathroom to see if he can retrieve his heroin. He finds it and uses it periodically.

Charlie's Choice: In episode 7 of the first season, we learn Charlie's backstory in flashbacks. While on the Island, John Locke is aware that Charlie is a user and barters with Charlie his guitar if Charlie wi'll give up his drugs. Charlie does, but withdrawal hits him hard. Locke gives Charlie an ultimatem. Charlie may ask for his drugs back three times, and on the third time, John will give them back. He tells Charlie that the only thing that separates us from animals is our choices driven not by instincts, but by a sense of right and wrong. Struggle is nature's way of strengthening us. He uses a vignette of a moth struggling out of its cocoon. We could open the cocoon for the moth, but it would be too weak to live in the world on its own. The first time he asks for his drugs, Charlie is angry and wants his drugs to soothe his nerves from withdrawal. The second time Charlie is depressed and growing desperate. When Jack Shepard gets trapped in a cave, Charlie goes in after him. It is not safe for Charlie and Jack to go back the way Charlie came in, so he and Jack have to wait for help. Then Charlie notices a moth. He realizes they are not far from the ground above them, and Charlie crawls his way out of the hole, rescuing himself and Jack. Jack helps him with the withdrawal symptoms with some prescription drugs that were on board the plane. Charlie leaves Jack and approaches Locke. He asks for his drugs for the third time. Locke gives him his stash, and Charlie throws his stash into the fire as a moth flies overhead.

Further Island Experiences: Charlie grows a close relationship with a young Australian woman named Claire who is pregnant. He is even present at the baby's birth, and when the baby is kidnapped, he is the one to go after the kidnapper. At the end of the first season, Charlie finds a beachcraft plane on the island that was full of black market heroin that is hidden inside statues of the Virgin Mary. In second season, we see that Charlie has collected many of these statues and is hiding them. None of them have been broken into, so the audience is unsure if he has been using again. Later he is accused of using by John Locke, who gives him no choice this time around, and just takes them away from him. Claire and Charlie fight, and he is thrown out of their "tent" on the island. He is not completely forgiven by Claire until later into the second season.

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